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Drifting Desperately  

What was supposed to be a fun summer adventure takes a sinister turn, forcing Tara to flee a destructive relationship. After being rescued by a young cowboy, Tara finds herself in a small western town where life is completely foreign from her east coast upbringing. Relying on her resourcefulness, Tara restarts her life only to find that her cute cowboy rescuer is intent on pursuing her. Casey is young and complicated, a true renaissance man — intelligent, rodeo rider, musician and devilishly cute — can Tara overcome her fears, drop her defenses and allow herself to fall in love again?

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Drifting Desperately Book Cover and Kindle Image

Drifting Daringly  

It was just one dance but Casey was on stage watching the scene play out. How was Tara to know that Casey would feel completely betrayed and become so angry? All of their plans for the future now in jeopardy, Tara has so much at stake when she learns another life-changing reality. Casey is steadfast in his devotion but will this secret change that? With the sudden death of Casey’s dad, their plans are forgotten. Each time their world is upended, amazingly, Casey and Tara cling to one another, weathering each new storm. Will their love be enough as they are blown off course days before their wedding?

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Drifting Divinely  

Amid setbacks and struggles, Tara and Casey’s wedding day finally arrives and they begin their married life together in the home they’ve worked so hard on. During their homegrown honeymoon, days and nights of lovemaking teaches Tara the stamina of her young cowboy-man, to her delight. Again, change upends their lives, as Casey and Tara discover the joy with the arrival of their baby boy. With a shifting cast of characters including a newborn, Casey and Tara branch out to pursue new interests—his in music and hers in college courses—as their love takes on new challenges. Will their bond endure or will too many changes and challenges undermine their marriage? Will Tara and Casey find their way together or alone? More surprises come their way after their real honeymoon to Hawaii. Time and time again, Tara and Casey have weathered storms together but a tragic accident on an icy road one wintry night threatens both of their lives and more.

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