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The Splendid Drift Series
by Lida Kaysey

Drifting Desperately Book Cover at the beach
Splendid Drift Books

For fans of Kristin Hannah's early stories of tender romance, here’s a fresh new voice sharing a captivating story of finding oneself and discovering love in an unlikely place, under the strangest of circumstances. Sit back, relax, and enjoy The Splendid Drift Series . . . a trio of engaging summer reads you won’t want to put down!

Drifting Desperately Book Cover

The search for a series that will capture your imagination and captivate your heart is over. Come along with Tara on her western journey to find herself and the love of a complicated young cowboy-man.

Her life in tatters, Tara is stranded, desperate and without options. Her harrowing attempt to flee over the mountain fails until a much too cute cowboy comes to her rescue.

Drifting Daringly Book Cover

As Tara starts to feel secure and begins to lower her defenses, the world begins crashing in around her. Was it simply the case of a  misunderstanding or has Casey started to distance himself from her?

Drifting Divinely Book Cover

Amid setbacks and struggles, Tara and Casey’s wedding day finally arrives and they begin their married life together. With a shifting cast of characters including a newborn, Tara resumes her college courses and Casey pursues a new musical interest. Will their bond endure or will too many changes and challenges undermine their marriage?


An intriguing contemporary novel to which many young women today can relate to. The story line is compelling and easy to follow. I was cheering for the main character in her decision to flee. What a way to find love when you are not looking for it.



"Great find for a summer read. Love the characters, so likable. They really come to life as the story unfolds. So glad I found this series. It’s a must-read!"


A romance and western rolled into one! I enjoyed following the main character as she, in turn, followed her heart. Light enough for a beach read but meaty enough to keep you reading.
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Lida's Story

Originally from Ohio, Lida has lived in several states across the US. A long time educator and lifelong learner, she has traveled extensively throughout the country and abroad.


Lida enjoys exploring creative expression including writing, painting and music. She now resides in Wisconsin with her husband and two dogs.


The Splendid Drift series began as an all-night writing spree and continued for over ten years.

Three Splendid Drift Books
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